Travelite AIR BASE Suitcase Set - 3 pieces

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Do you know almost all the airports in the world? Then you certainly attach great importance to quality luggage. The Air Base collection has several advantages. Suitcases in sizes L to S, for example, are made of extremely durable polypropylene, which is incredibly light. Air Base is also visually first class, because the combination of rough and shiny elements catches the eye. Ready to travel?

Article number: 075340

Details and functions

  • Made of resistant polypropylene - almost indestructible
  • A sophisticated contrast of rough and shiny elements
  • Double-sided packing walls with additional zippered pockets
  • Elastic bands for packaging
  • Four double wheels
  • Integrated folding for increased capacity (size M)

Size and weight

Size and weight L
Width, height, depth: 51 x 77 x 30 cm
Volume: 105 l
Weight: 3.5 kg

Size and weight M exp.
Width, height, depth : 45 x 67 x 27 -31 cm
Volume: 71 l
Weight : 3.2 kg

Size and weight of S
Width, height, depth : 39 x 55 x 20 cm
Volume: 37 l
Weight : 2.1 kg

Material and information

Material: polypropylene
Lock : TSA LOCK®
Wheels : 4 double wheels
Extendable handle: metal handle with the possibility of locking
Carrying handle: Ergonomic top and side handle
Separate compartment for bedding: yes
Padded laptop compartment: no
Expandability: yes

Air Base - The best co-pilot: flexible and unbreakable

Unbreakable and light polypropylene

The cover of the Air Base suitcase is made of resistant and at the same time light polypropylene - so that your trip becomes an experience. With incredibly low weight and extremely high impact resistance, the case stands out visually with its unique design. The sophisticated contrast of rough and shiny elements immediately stands out.

Impressive interior layout

The interior of the Air Base is full of great features, such as high-quality padding, elastic packing straps and two packing walls. One wall of the pack even has two zippered pockets for even more storage space.

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