Our partners include top brands of leather goods and Hi-Fi equipment - Picard Hrvatska and Hi-Fi store New Colors of Sound.

New Colors of Sound

Hi-Fi store New Colors of Sound is a leading supplier of high-quality Hi-Fi equipment. Their expert team of enthusiasts and audiophiles takes care of selecting the best products that provide an outstanding sound and audio experience. Their offer includes top-quality audio systems, speakers, headphones and other audio components of well-known global brands. Cooperation with the Hi-Fi store New Colors of Sound allows us to provide our customers with top-quality audio equipment that meets the most demanding audio needs.

Picard Croatia

Picard Croatia is a renowned company specializing in leather goods. Their passion for excellence and dedication to quality is evident in every piece of their products. Timeless design, handcrafting and premium leather combine to create elegant bags, wallets and other accessories that highlight the style and elegance of each wearer. We are proud to cooperate with Picard Hrvatska in order to offer our clients premium leather goods that provide exceptional quality and aesthetics.