MiaMily - Carry On 20” Charcoal Grey

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By MiaMily


Designed for multi-purpose travel, the MiaMily suitcase transforms into a trunk for children or a portable seat for adults, allowing your child to travel with you quickly and conveniently on top of the suitcase or providing a place for adults to rest when standing for long periods. When traveling without a child, the seat on this swivel bag can be used to safely store a diaper bag, travel bag or briefcase.

Details and functions

Built-in seat with backrest ideal for multiple uses: driving a child, portable seat for adults, bag storage.

Suitable for children and adults, total load capacity of 100 kg (including luggage contents).

Patented design, 5-year product warranty.

It is considered hand luggage, but please check with your airline.

• TSA approved lock , 360° wheels.

Child seat belt included.


Size and weight

Carry-on luggage size: 50.80 cm

Dimensions: 38 x 29 x 54 cm

Handle height: 54 cm with three height positions

Weight of empty luggage: 4.3 kg

Volume: 47 liters

Materials and information

Hard shell: polycarbonate

Built-in seat: polypropylene

Inner lining: polyester


How sturdy is the suitcase?

The shape of the suitcase is designed with a wide base to increase driving stability.

Is he safe?

This is a travel case with a built-in seat belt recommended for children 2 years and older. Note: This is not a toy and only one child should be seated at a time. Always keep your hands on your luggage and use a seat belt. Never leave the child alone on the seat and never sit the child on the suitcase when it is empty.

Can I take a suitcase on the plane?

Carry on 18"/45.72cm and 20"/50.80cm dimensions are carry-on dimensions and can fit in most overhead bins on aircraft, but please check with your airline as each airline has different requirements.